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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Mania

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I don’t think anyone in the world loves Reese’s as much as my husband does. Each candy-related holiday, I fill our themed candy jars with different varieties of Reese’s candies. I always buy 2 jumbo bags and they are ALWAYS gone within 2 days. I don’t eat any of them. In past years, I have even taken the excess candy to hide at work and in different drawers and compartments around the house. He (and my co-workers) have always found and devoured ALL of it.

SO- what better way to celebrate his and his brothers’ birthdays than a cake made almost entirely of Reese’s and chocolate?

This is a milk chocolate cake, iced with chocolate buttercream and packed FULL of 2 entire bags of Reese’s peanut butter cups. The inside filling is my own very cream cheesy – cream cheese filling.

This cake tastes like nothing I could have ever dreamed. It is amazing.


May is for Cream Cheese Lovers.

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Ashlyn is one of my closest and oldest friends. She was my first friend and roommate when I moved here to Utah, as well as maid of honor at my wedding. She is also one of the pickiest eaters I know! I eat pretty much anything (food), so I am happy to adjust our menus for her, especially for her birthday. When I asked what she would like for her cake, she said she likes anything with cream cheese. Since it’s spring, I wanted to make something that would be cool and refreshing, so I incorporated lemon and some fresh strawberries….

I started with a layer of lemon cake, saturated with my special strawberry lemonade glaze. I then covered the layer of cake with a generous portion of my lemon cream cheese filling.

I covered the cream cream cheese in a layer of fresh strawberries, then started all over again. I topped the entire cake with some old fashioned, home whipped cream – garnished with more strawberries and a little glaze. I wanted it to be just a LITTLE over the top!

Happy Birthday, Ashlyn!

The Big 12…

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This is a photo of me and the best man at my wedding a little over 4 years ago. We tried to keep things pretty simple for the occasion, so my husband thought of just one person to be his groomsmen/best man and decided that Jake would do an excellent job. He REALLY did. Speech and all.

He has always been one of the sweetest little people I have ever met. I am so happy to be related to him. This next photo was taken at our reception. Later that afternoon, we got a call from his parents about a conversation they’d had with him in the car.  He’d described the day as one of the best he’d ever had. In response, his mom asked if it was because his uncle got married? He said “no”. She then inquired if it was because he got to be the best man and give a speech? He again, said “no”. “It’s because I got to kiss a girl…”

I have this photo in a lovely frame collage in my house. It was one of the best days (and moments) of my life, too, Jake.

Last week, our best little man turned 12. TWELVE! I can’t believe the time has gone by so so so fast…and if I feel this way, I can only imagine how is mom feels. I got a little glimpse during the sweet slideshow she put together of his life. I must admit, it brought me to tears a little bit. I’m happy to have known this little guy for as long as I have.  He’s a great example to my own son – of many great things.

My husband has had the pleasure of helping Jake’s dad coach Jake’s football team a few years and, as unbiased as I can say it, Jake is a STAR athlete. I am continually impressed (but never surprised) at his amazing abilities.

Jake and his little sister would ask me every week when I was pregnant, how my growing little baby was doing, giving my ever growing belly lots of hugs and love. It melts my heart a little every time they get to play together to see how thoughtful and sweet Jake always is. He keeps Beck out of trouble in the kindest ways (so as not to make the baby cry) and finds ways to keep him entertained and happy. He is so thoughtful and always in for a good time.

So, for his birthday, I made him a little cake that had a lot of fun in it. I knew that if anyone, he would appreciate the surprise underneath his favorite colored frosting…

AND NOW, for the surprise!

(I got the idea a while ago for this rainbow cake from Studio 5, but I couldn’t find the original post. It’s still pretty fun!)

I also made some cheesecake bars, but those will be posted later…this post is mostly for Jigglins’.

Here is a very Happy Birthday wish to you, big guy. I can’t believe you have grown up so fast. I am happy to have such a great nephew and like a said before, a great example for little Beck. Beck’s lucky to have a great cousin and such a sweet family.

I can’t believe how much has changed in just over 4 years!

Mothers Day – A Teeeensy Bit Late…

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Our ward had our Visiting Teaching Conference during Relief Society on Mothers Day – so, little gifts were, of course, required. Their original plan foiled at the last minute and on the Tuesday before this glorious holiday, I got a message asking if I could provide about 300 small truffles for the ladies in our ward. That is A LOT of truffles…especially for one person, so I recruited some help!

Jackee made the adorable little purses to box them in!

Thanks for the help, ladies! I couldn’t have done it without you!!! And of course, thank you to Jackee, for thinking of me and the yummy treats I can make.

Vegas Cake Re-Do

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This post is for Linda….she had a wedding cake order in Vegas go wrong a few years back and this cake is to make it right! Linda wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but her husband was insistent on the French Vanilla Cake with chocolate buttercream…either way, it turned out delicious, or so I heard….

Linda asked for yellow flowers, which I happily provided on a not to big, but not too small mound of more frosting. I hear her family enjoyed their treat and I enjoyed making their cake! Next time, I’ll make you a chocolate chocolate, okay?


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I have this friend. Her name is Lesli. Oh, how I love her. And not just because she’s Canadian…but it’s because she loves Dexter, too.

You should be Lesli’s friend, too….you can check her out by visiting her blog, here.

Why should you go there? You should go there because Lesli has written a post about ME!

Still not enough? Okay, well I’m giving away truffles…but you have to follow details on Lesli’s blog to enter. You can go HERE to enter the truffle giveaway!

Lesli asked if she could come over and watch me make a cake one day. I just happened to be decorating one that day, so I invited her on over. I loved how intrigued she was about all the details and different steps it takes to put one of these things together. I very much love baking them. I like it even more when I have someone to visit with while I do it. Come over again, Lesli!

I also encourage you to read the rest of her posts – she is hilarious!

Roasted Sweet Potato Fries and Veggies

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As promised, here is how to make them yourself…a day late!

I love sweet potato fries, but they can be a little too fatty for those of us who are still losing baby weight….so here is a delicious alternative. Surprisingly, the idea stolen from my mom. Only, when she made them, they accompanied chicken tenderloins that had been rolled in mashed potato flakes and (extremely dry) whole wheat pancakes….this was for dinner…and recently….

Anyhow, in this post, we’re going to roast some vegetables. My son is just a little guy-we’re trying to put some weight on him without clogging his arteries. He loves french fries- especially from In N Out – so this easy side is perfect for adding a little extra carb without the extra grease.

Of course, start with your vegetables.

Peel them...

Cut them into your desired shape

Toss them onto your cookie sheet

Sprinkle or drizzle a little olive oil and a little salt over your veggies before you put them on the tray

Roast them at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. Put them on a higher rack for a crispier outside.

Toss a little salt on your sweet potatoes and carrots. Less salt is of course healthier!

And viola! Lunch for the little guy. I also made him a pork chop, which he ignored and ate all his veggies instead.

You can, of course drizzle a little caramel over the sweet potato for a little Sammy’s-like flavor, or just eat them as a side to a little steak or other protein-filled main dish.

You can also use a variety of other vegetables, adding a little black pepper, too. Some yellow squash, zucchini, red potatoes (really any kind of potato).

Next to some pasta, lasagna, or chicken parm, you can use a little Italian dressing instead of Olive Oil on and add some halved cherry tomatoes with asparagus (broiling them in the oven would be good, t00!). In this case, a dash of garlic powder couldn’t hurt, either.

I also would like to recommend those McCormick grinders – they have a sea salt and peppercorn grinders -the flavor is so much more vibrant than usual!

P.S. I made curry last night and it was delicious! I had leftovers for lunch….

Good Eatin’ in Provo – Sammy’s Cafe

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I stumbled upon this little joint last year when I went to have lunch with my friend in downtown Provo. Ever since then, I frequently crave the perfectly crispety-crunch outside and soft potatoey center of their seasoned fries. What really gets me, though, is their fry sauce…..

For those of you who are not from Utah or have never been near Utah, I’d like to explain this ketchup/mayonnaise (gag here) phenomenon. I have never liked “traditional” fry sauce. I probably never will like fry sauce. Occasionally, however, I will stumble upon some people who know how to dip right (like Sammy’s!) who will skip the ketchup and opt for some bbq sauce instead. I still can’t say that I love fry sauce in general, but if that’s what they’re serving in Utah, I will get mine at Sammy’s.

The second part of my favorite starchy side dish is their sweet potato fries. Delish! And to top it off, instead of anything else to dip it in – go with the house suggestion and dip them in some caramel. It’s like dessert.

I very much adore the simplicity of Sammy’s. The cafe is small, but it has the feel of a classic soda bar from back in the day, modernized by blue walls painted with a silver tree and covered in old school polaroid shots of regular customers and faces that don’t want to be forgotten.

I like that much of the food construction is right in front of me, so I can make sure my burger is done right (and since I’m a germ-a-phobe, I can make sure they’re wearing clean gloves!). Speaking of their burgers – delicious! I try to pick something new on the menu each time so I can see how they all turn out, although I very much like my past orders and am tempted to get them again.

Last night, I shared one of “Robi’s South of the Border” along with two orders of fries….did I mention their prices are pretty good, too?

OOOOoooohhh I love guacamole on my burger!

Other great news, Sammy’s now delivers! To Provo and S Orem with a $15 (and greater) order. While I’m excited they now deliver, in their bright yellow van…it will take a lot of food to hit that minimum dollar. All this, plus two cokes – still only cost under $12.

Did I also mention that they make PIE shakes? They take a whole piece of pie, put it in a cup and make it into a shake…for real….I love those guys.

You can find more information (including their menu!) about Sammy’s here on their blog:

And for tomorrow…stay tuned for my own healthier, easier version of sweet potato fries!

“I Hope They Call Me On a Mission!”

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I am proud to say that I am a Latter-Day Saint and that my own little brother is currently serving a mission in Oakland, California. In our culture, a decision to serve the Lord and His people is an occasion to celebrate. So why not do that with a fabulous themed cake?

This cake was a lemon white chocolate cake with a white chocolate pudding for the filling. Coated in 1/4 inch thick almond buttercream, then covered in fondant to look like a clean white button-down shirt, complete with tag, tie and belt.

While Missionaries are often known for their bike helmets and dark suits, they also have a trademark tag and tie….This particular Missionary is heading off to Omaha, Nebraska (hence the cake shape and star to pinpoint his soon-to-be location) and this cake was made to celebrate his departure. Best wishes Elder Orellana!

Who Doesn’t Like Minnie Mouse?

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As it turns out, Minnie Mouse is a popular favorite for birthday cakes. I do love Minnie, myself. I hope to make a red one of these someday….although I love pink, too!

AND – As usual, I am taking pictures as my cakes are being sent out the door! I really should learn better time management….please please please ignore my decorating debris.