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Nilla Wafers.

In Uncategorized on March 20, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Little boys and their Nilla Wafers. If you know me at all, I am sure I have talked about how I have a picky eater on my hands. With age, he has only gotten better and also worse. The things he loves to eat, he will finally eat more of. The things he hates, at three years old, he can finally tell me how much he hates them. At least now, I can use and age-old parenting tool: bribes. 

My weapons of choice are root beer and of course, Nilla Wafers. 

I cannot get my son to eat any other type of cookie. You might think it is strange that I would TRY to feed my child sweets, but being a picky eater, he has missed out on a lot of fat and weight gain in his few years. Encouraged by my pediatrician (and this is a second one, one who would test my son’s growth hormones!) to feed my boy as much fat and calories as possible, we have given him free reign over anything deep fried and slathered in butter. All of which, he has outright rejected. I constantly try to feed him new foods and now that he has a higher comprehension, I have started making just one food for the entire family for each meal and offering it as an alternative to starving. So far, it works. When it doesn’t work, however, I use Nilla Wafers. He LOVES Nilla Wafers. 

As most mothers in the state of Utah, I shop at Costco. Which means I buy a REALLY big box of cookies. In order to get him to eat his roast, potatoes, carrots and even to try some onion, I set a few cookies in front of his plate as a reward for trying everything new, and eating everything on his plate that I knew he would like. The only problem with doing this is that now he only wants cookies for all his meals. Of course, I don’t let this happen, but I do find his inquiries absolutely adorable. He will ask for cookies before a meal and I will tell him no – his response? “I have it? One?” pointing his tiny index finger in the air. If I say yes, his response is “Five cookies?” We usually settle on 3. He’s no dummy.