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Madagascar Cake and Par-tay!

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I just arrived home this afternoon from my very first trip to California. I spent the last six days in Danville and had probably the most FUN day of my entire life!!!! I have Baby Wyatt to thank for the occasion and his parents for having a baby one year ago last Friday. I also have his Aunt Jennie to thank for inviting me to join the party and stay with her family (Becky didn’t ask…she pretty much told me I was going to come and make her kid’s cake…love you Becky!)

While I was there, I enjoyed the most amazing bowl of fettuccine with fresh scallops and prawns in a sherry cream sauce from The Great Impasta. Jennie’s ravioli was incredible, too….I also enjoyed Bruce’s tri-tip and famous party chicken. Mary made some AMAZING lasagna from scratch (which I, to this day, have still not done!) I am going to miss the incredible sourdough, too – we had lunch at Boudin’s on Pier 39 in San Francisco and I wanted to try so many things, I ordered myself two meals. Clam Chowder and a turkey sandwich on sourdough. O.M.G. I should have smuggled more bread on the plane in my bra or something…it was SOOOO good!

Let’s get to the main event….we spent 3 days  on this cake…filled with approx 20+ hours! of hard labor, teaching and baby tending. About five minutes into cake making I was labeled as the “Warden”. What can I say? I am really good at delegating. It also helps when I have such talented you-know-what’s do do my work with me!

I do wish I’d gotten more pictures of the cake making process, including frosting and powdered sugar fights…alas, all I have are photos of the finished product and some slices of the most tasty cake I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of Baking.

In perfect baby’s-first-birthday and Becky fashion, she requested that we have fresh fruit in the cakes….what better fruit to use in California than fresh strawberries? They were quite ripe, perfectly sweet and mine for the tasting….

The zebra layer of Wyatt’s cake was OH SO delicious and Jennie and I had shared our cake (one piece of each) so we really didn’t get as much as we would have like to. So, late Saturday night, we decided to run out to the store and bake another cake, this time really only going for the easiest way to get the flavor. It turned out just as delicious as we dreamed. We didn’t go to be till after midnight, but we’d been up that late the previous two nights, so we figured, what the heck! It was totally worth it, too.

Wyatt shared a piece of his cake with my little one, who was well past his nap time but didn’t want to give up his cake. We gave him a little more later to make up for it!

My boy, eating his piece of cake

I very much enjoyed my trip to California – the weather, the people, the trees and all the fun!!!!! I will miss having helpers to make cake with! We’ll be back together in June this year, so we might have to create something else! Thanks for all the fun ladies!


Gifts for Daisy

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My dear readers, I am sorry I have neglected you….I don’t have a good excuse. I HAVE been working on a number of different projects, which, I will share with you in due time. For now, here are some gifts I made for baby Daisy.

I crocheted the hat and headbands out of organic cotton yarn. I also crocheted some of the flowers. The Daisies were re-vamped flowers that were on sale at Michael’s for just $1! Great steal at just the right time, too. I love the satin flowers – my friend Jennie taught me how to make those….so cute and just the right size for a tiny baby girl.

Vegas Cake Re-Do

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This post is for Linda….she had a wedding cake order in Vegas go wrong a few years back and this cake is to make it right! Linda wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, but her husband was insistent on the French Vanilla Cake with chocolate buttercream…either way, it turned out delicious, or so I heard….

Linda asked for yellow flowers, which I happily provided on a not to big, but not too small mound of more frosting. I hear her family enjoyed their treat and I enjoyed making their cake! Next time, I’ll make you a chocolate chocolate, okay?