Good Eatin’ in Provo – Sammy’s Cafe

In Dessert, Dinner/Meals, Food, Restaurants on March 4, 2010 at 5:27 am

I stumbled upon this little joint last year when I went to have lunch with my friend in downtown Provo. Ever since then, I frequently crave the perfectly crispety-crunch outside and soft potatoey center of their seasoned fries. What really gets me, though, is their fry sauce…..

For those of you who are not from Utah or have never been near Utah, I’d like to explain this ketchup/mayonnaise (gag here) phenomenon. I have never liked “traditional” fry sauce. I probably never will like fry sauce. Occasionally, however, I will stumble upon some people who know how to dip right (like Sammy’s!) who will skip the ketchup and opt for some bbq sauce instead. I still can’t say that I love fry sauce in general, but if that’s what they’re serving in Utah, I will get mine at Sammy’s.

The second part of my favorite starchy side dish is their sweet potato fries. Delish! And to top it off, instead of anything else to dip it in – go with the house suggestion and dip them in some caramel. It’s like dessert.

I very much adore the simplicity of Sammy’s. The cafe is small, but it has the feel of a classic soda bar from back in the day, modernized by blue walls painted with a silver tree and covered in old school polaroid shots of regular customers and faces that don’t want to be forgotten.

I like that much of the food construction is right in front of me, so I can make sure my burger is done right (and since I’m a germ-a-phobe, I can make sure they’re wearing clean gloves!). Speaking of their burgers – delicious! I try to pick something new on the menu each time so I can see how they all turn out, although I very much like my past orders and am tempted to get them again.

Last night, I shared one of “Robi’s South of the Border” along with two orders of fries….did I mention their prices are pretty good, too?

OOOOoooohhh I love guacamole on my burger!

Other great news, Sammy’s now delivers! To Provo and S Orem with a $15 (and greater) order. While I’m excited they now deliver, in their bright yellow van…it will take a lot of food to hit that minimum dollar. All this, plus two cokes – still only cost under $12.

Did I also mention that they make PIE shakes? They take a whole piece of pie, put it in a cup and make it into a shake…for real….I love those guys.

You can find more information (including their menu!) about Sammy’s here on their blog:

And for tomorrow…stay tuned for my own healthier, easier version of sweet potato fries!


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