“I Hope They Call Me On a Mission!”

In cake, Dessert, Food on March 3, 2010 at 6:11 am

I am proud to say that I am a Latter-Day Saint and that my own little brother is currently serving a mission in Oakland, California. In our culture, a decision to serve the Lord and His people is an occasion to celebrate. So why not do that with a fabulous themed cake?

This cake was a lemon white chocolate cake with a white chocolate pudding for the filling. Coated in 1/4 inch thick almond buttercream, then covered in fondant to look like a clean white button-down shirt, complete with tag, tie and belt.

While Missionaries are often known for their bike helmets and dark suits, they also have a trademark tag and tie….This particular Missionary is heading off to Omaha, Nebraska (hence the cake shape and star to pinpoint his soon-to-be location) and this cake was made to celebrate his departure. Best wishes Elder Orellana!

  1. Ok so I am happy for you and your new blog, however I am annoyed because all your pictures are too small so it is hard to enjoy the full effect..can you please make them bigger? Thank you I know I am being a princess but its in my nature!!

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