The One.

In cake, Dessert, Kids on March 2, 2010 at 5:46 am
One Boy, Two cakes.
My son turned one year old today. I made his cake, of course.

The bottom layer was a lemon white chocolate cake with white chocolate pudding in the middle and the top layer was french vanilla with chocolate pudding in the middle. The design of the cake was inspired by the decorations in my son’s room. The walls in his room are light blue with one milk chocolate brown wall that has white (vinyl) birds flying across. I also used a print from a painting in his room from Creative Thursday. This artist is incredible and I adore her work!!!! She is creative and genuinely inspiring. The characters from the painting “Jackalope and Friends” are made of gum paste, sculpted by yours truly…I must say, I don’t think I have ever sculpted a thing in my life! I was, however, pleased with how they turned out…I did learn a lot, however – which will be beneficial for gum paste figures in the future.

This is the baby cake that my son didn’t actually eat, but only poked his finger into lots of times, licking off the icing. Weird kid, I know. I’ll let him have a real piece tomorrow.

Dang, I love that kid.


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